How to build an electronics casing from an Ikea box lid

Posted on Jan 4, 2012 in Electronics, UberFridge | 0 comments

The casing I ordered for my UberFridge project was to small too fit the OLED screen. Not wanting to wait on a new order, I went down to my basement to see what I had lying around. I came across a lid from a plywood PRÄNT Ikea box, which was perfect. In this article I’ll show the steps to transform the box lid into a custom size electronics casing.

I use this box in an EXPEDIT bookcase and in that case, the lid is more annoying than useful. So it was collecting dust in my basement, waiting for a better purpose. What makes this box great to use are the metal clamps that you have to put on the edges to keep the panels together. You can just resize the panels, make some additional grooves and put the edge clamps back.

The photos below should give a detailed enough instruction:

An edge clamp up close

The plywood is soft and can be cut with a sharp knife. An additional groove for the back panel can be made by cutting two lines an hammering a screwdriver in the laminate.

A finished groove for the back panel

By cutting shallow lines and breaking driving a screwdriver in the laminate in the middle, edges like the original can be made at a new length

A self made edge

All side panels finished. They fit nicely together to form a smaller box

The front panel has been cut to size and a slot for the OLED screen has to be cut out

The finished unpainted case.

The edge clamps grip nicely on the newly created grooves

All panels waiting for spray paint

And the end result 🙂

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