All content is restored! :)

Posted on Jan 4, 2012 in Announcements | 0 comments

I finished restoring all articles from Google’s cache 🙂
The cache was from 11 December, so some updates to the articles might be lost. For the newest source code always check the repository at Google Code. I have not uploaded old comments, because getting them from the HTML and putting them in the database manually is a lot of work. If you think you said something really good, please say it again.

I received some very kind emails from people offering help or wishing me luck. Thanks for those, really appreciate it.

Now that I am finally done restoring the old content I can start working on new content 🙂 ShiftPWM needs a big update (including the matrix version) and I have not posted anything about my latest brews.

Anyway, thanks for your support! If you see errors, if something is not displaying correctly or just missing, let me know…

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