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My name is Elco Jacobs, I am 26 years old and I live in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. I study Electrical Engineering at the Technical University of Einhoven. I like electronics, design, user interaction and entrepreneurship, but the best thing is when they all come together in one innovative project.

In my free time I like to play squash, play soccer, snowboard, climb/boulder, play piano and brew beer.

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Electrical Engineering at the Technical University of Eindhoven (2004 – 2012)

I specialized in embedded systems, video motion estimation and entrepreneurship.

VWO at Varendonck College Asten (1998-2004)

Graduated with honors with profile Nature and Technology and electives biology 1&2, economics and management & organization.

Student Assistant Electronics Atelier, TU/e Industrial Design (Sept. 2006-June 2012)

For over 5 years I worked at Industrial Design to support students in designing and building their prototypes. Support questions ranged from very simple (‘How do I calculate which resistor I need?) to very complex (‘How can I measure a diver’s position under water and transmit this information wirelessly?’).

Apart from helping students I also created example projects and libraries for the students to use. Just some examples are a sound volume detector, a microphone preamp, an infrared finger/ear lobe heart beat detector, an interrupt driven PIC USB library and ShiftPWM, a fast SPI library to PWM up to 768 LED’s. I also lead the project to build a new support website that fit better with the student’s way of thinking.

Due to the very broad range of questions and the practical nature of the curriculum, I learned a lot from this job. My education in Electrical Engineering is very theoretical, but at this job I learned to quickly hack together a prototype. At Electrical Engineering you do not encounter a wide range of IC’s, motors, distance sensors, accelerometers, microcontrollers, zigbee modules, etc. But after 5 years at Industrial Design I have become quite good at translating vague requirements of a designer to a feasible electrical design.

Quality and IT manager, UniPartners Nederland (Sept 2007-Sept 2008)

I was in the 2007-2008 board of UniPartners Nederland. UniPartners is a network of 10 consultancy firms ran by students. UniParters’ goal is to make academic knowledge accessible for companies, while giving students work and entrepreneurship experience. UniPartners was my first real experience with entrepreneurship and I loved it.

Engineer, Prodrive B.V. (Nov 2006Nov 2007)

At Prodrive I worked on automated streaming DVD authoring under Linux. I also tested, debugged and repaired damaged PCB’s.


My biggest and most awesome project to date is BrewPi. It’s a open source continuation of the UberFridge project you will find on this blog. Right now, I have released all the software as open source, because I believe I first have to engage people to come join me in the development. Making money will come when the project gets more widespread. Complete build-it-yourself kits will be available soon and more advanced sensors for BrewPi will follow later.


In my shop on this website I sell boards that are compatible with ShiftPWM to easily control high power LED’s and LED strips.

Technical consultancy

I am availalable for software and hardware development work. I am working with one client now, who fully outsourced its embedded software development, electronics and PCB design to me. I have tools for small production runs too, including a reflow oven. This means I can support you from your first idea to a real prototype in your hands.

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